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Croftcraft Designs


Root Wood Fruit or Salad Bowls.

These are made from Cedar wood roots and stumps and have incredible natural character. The wood is carefully kiln dried under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity and then sealed with a special natural varnish making them totally waterproof. The bowls are carved only on the inside leaving the outside natural. These are carved with a carving tool called an Arbortech.

Root wood Fruit Bowls

These make an excellent fruit or salad bowl and can easily be washed in the sink with warm soapy water. They do not need oiling or any further treatment. they are stainproof and a mouldy fruit will not damage it at all. 

Party Bowls

These are root wood bowls with special character and have a lovely wavey edge and stunning root character on the outside. The small bumps on the outside were roots at one time and go through the wood causing burring (a stunning grain pattern highly prized by wood workers). The extra large ones, at up to 0.5 meters across are hard and time consuming to make. Due to the nature of these bowls, they often contain natural small holes in the sides or base These add to the character of the piece. 

Fruit Baskets

These are basically like the bowls but with a handle. They are all made from one piece of wood.


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